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It's All About communication.

Having trouble getting your dog to listen?  


Until the lines of communication are open and your dog is focused on you, no meaningful training can occur.  We use modern equipment and positive techniques to establish a precise system of communication, so that your dog can clearly understand what you are asking them to do.  That, combined with an understanding of the traditional, balanced approach, allows our clients to experience off-leash enjoyment of their companion in a fraction of the time required by other methods.


Tired of your dog...

• Dragging you down the street?

• Bolting through doors?

• Running the other way when called?

• Jumping all over people?

• Being just plain rude?


Our services include the following:

• Enjoyable, no-tug walking

• Heeling

• Sit and stay

• Down and stay

• Place (remaining in a prescribed place for an extended period of time)

• Come when called- even when there is something more interesting than you!

• Kennel (enter crate or kennel area on command)

• Wait at doorways in or out of the house and car

• Release command (you are now free from any previous commands)

• Dealing with specifics such as jumping up, aggression, shyness, fear or other behavioral issues.

• Proofing all of the above around distractions

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